Why shouldn't I pick up a call when the phone is on?

Phones have been of great service to mankind since their invention. Happy to have such a useful tool, we often forget that it can be a source of danger. When they are charged, it is better to let them take power without using them. Here are some reasons not to use them to take a call right now.

To avoid receiving an electric shock

The phone on charge receives a significant amount of electrical energy. Without this energy that allows it to increase the charge rate to 100%, the phone can not get its battery full. By using it at this moment, you expose yourself to all the energy power deployed. A phone on charge is programmed not to be active during this time. By using it, you disrupt its proper functioning, which can lead to a short circuit.

A study conducted by Android Police, an American website, to assess the impact of the use of a phone on its charging power reveals some instructive truths. The charging power has been shown not to be the same when the phone is active. When at rest, the plugged-in phone receives more power than when it is being handled.

From this observation, when you use a phone while it is charging, you make the charging mechanism slower, and the phone heats up quite quickly. Electrocution is not far away in this case. There is also an explosion risk that could somehow be too great.

To avoid damaging your battery

A battery that does not receive the normal amount of energy needed to charge will not last long. Beyond exposing yourself to an explosion, you are shortening the life of your battery. It could be no more useful in the long run. That's why it's best not to use your phone as long as it's plugged in. Otherwise, you will make your battery die.

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